Enjoy and Dance With Great Performances

Folk dance is another way to speak the language. Every motive, every move have a meaning through out the entire performance. Join us to entertain outstanding performance of students and learn the meaning of every figure of dance.


Would you like to meet with the most talented young singers of Oklahoma? Join us to hear voices of great songs from all over the world.


If you have a talent such as playing folkloric instrument which hasn't been known too much or any other performance from different cultures, you may join us at the stage.

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Would you like to recite a poem? Choose your poem. Memorize it and recite it in target language.


Please send your videos/posters by March 26, 2021 to cwl@doveschools.org

You can send us video of your performance as web link when you sign up. 


Performances selected for stage program will be notified by March 31st.


Attendance to audition or video link submission is mandatory to be considered for stage performance


Note: There will not be competition in talent and dance categories. Participants in `talent and dance` categories will be given certification and honorable mention if they are approved to be shown up on the event.